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A Poetry and Photography Showcase
Spring Edition, March 2009, Volume 8

Poetry and Art by Stephen Mead

Artwork by Stephen Mead

Riding the Elevator Into the Sky

"Riding the Elevator Into the Sun"
Artwork by Stephen Mead © 2009
All Rights Reserved


The reading life
In a smorgasbord of smocks
Finding pockets for paint
Or notes scribbled on sun,
The exact slant of it
While strolling to a bench
Where the sky begins…
Azure behind white & one
Can hope for a Patchen bird
Or the eyes of King Kong
Becoming Chagall’s riding
A winged donkey to lovers’
Music only & nothing lonely
In any cinema of mine

Stephen Mead © 2009

Cups Runneth

Down in,
Down in our

Of the dog’s back
Scratching itself against the road &
No no traffic running over
That delicious itch, that twitch
Soothed from fingers when mouths

Gently nibble palms & up to lick
Collar bone treasures or ears
Sweet as the rabbit, held,

Velveteen, by an 80 year old Banyan
Named Addie, she of the Medicaid
In bed 1, room 3,

She, like we, rooted to love’s wealth,
The heart’s multiplicity of gold

No money can buy

Stephen Mead © 2009

Night Lights

Room after room,
All the plants are a silver wilderness
In miniature from their darkest center
Of thalo

Where small bulbs are tiger eyes
Or perhaps windows amid
This district of furniture,

That avenue of glass &
The wall a horizon finding
The ceiling which tracks,

Flood by flood, all gold cones
Soft sonar for the constant

We sleep, halo upon halo,
as a landscape with

Stephen Mead © 2009


A Video by Stephen Mead © 2009

Stephen Mead

Stephen Mead

About the Author

In the early 1990's Stephen Mead's poems began appearing in such journals as Onionhead, Bellowing Ark, and Invert, but upon moving to Provincetown, Mass., Stephen decided to concentrate more on visual work.

It was in the year 2000 that Stephen started seeking publication again for both his writing and his art combined. Since, then, thanks to the wonders of the World Wide Web, his work has appeared internationally both in cyberspace and hard copy. Often the writing has appeared along side his paintings, and at other times with the text superimposed.

In 2004, Stephen began experimenting even more with these poetry/art hybrids, creating a series of e-books, including the award winning "We Are More Than Our Wounds". From there, Stephen began experimenting with his art and poems as films, at first creating slideshows with captions, and then doing his own soundtracks and voice overdubs. These DVDs are available through

In 2006, Stephen put this technology to use releasing a CD of poems set to music "Safe & Other Love Poems" (, as well as two print editions of his image/art hybrids, "Selected Works" and "Tree Companions", a fractured fairy tale for adults ( Stephen has also released a novel, “Hang Onto Your Teeth”, through

Currently, he is working on a film series entitled "Swan Songs," which incorporates live footage superimposed over his paintings and digitized images while using his own singing voice for soundtracks.

Click the picture below to purchase Stephen's book "Where Time Goes":

where time goes

Click the picture below to purchase Stephen's book "Hang Onto Your Teeth" and other selected books at

hang onto your teeth

Visit Stephen online at

Below is a beautiful video created by Stephen entitled "AIDS March 88."

Stephen Mead © 2009

View more of Stephen's videos on his featured page on Yahoo Video:

Stephen Mead at Yahoo Video

Visit Stephen on Youtube at:

Artwork by Stephen Mead

Erica's Line

"Erica's Line"
Artwork by Stephen Mead © 2009
All Rights Reserved


Circulating dampness, the humidity
Of a certain soup
Thinning paper & taxing leaves…

Our house is this swamped,
The lightest clothes heavy with air’s
Other skin, as our skin becomes petals
At length for that incredible dew…

Fans distribute, fans of no geisha,
Fans circa some world war on a set
For Bette Davis batting thick lashes &
Chain smoking…

The blades of these contraptions
Punctuate our days drone crisp
For the Other World’s reports of
Snipers & shelling, covert air lifts &
Drought. There

Governments are sieves for real lives
In the heat of weather made by man,
The weather copters stir in tactics
Of Hari Kari. Here

I water our garden with a big green
Plastic spout, listen to thunder,
Wait for harvest in a fever
Where every seed flourishes.

Here but for the grace of…
These fans are locusts

Chanting, chanting

Stephen Mead © 2009

These Rooms, I Became

The contours of 4 spaces
(brown, yellow, lavender, white),
& many windows for the widening…

That kept me in place, changing
As a plant might, for pools of sun,
For the moon’s indigo shadows,
A s superimposing of reflections
Angling angels always as a given
& always on standby…

My hair weaves through this tawny
Carpeting. My breath breathes from walls,
The paneled, the painted, my eyes pulsing
With such life of light shifting

Through worlds of liquid, of spirit-passion,
Though solid, sound enough, every frame is…

Tame, I am no more wild than a volcano
In hibernation.
Enter here. You’ll find desire & when I leave
I flame with keeping these rooms alive

Stephen Mead © 2009

"For Christy Brown"

A Video by Stephen Mead © 2009

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