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Blue Turtle Crossing

A Poetry and Photography Showcase - Winter/SpringEdition, September 2008, Volume 6

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Blue Turtle News - From Colleen Breuning, Editor

Pink Azalea Bush

"Pink Azalea Bush"
Photograph by Colleen M. Breuning, All Rights Reserved © 2008


Poetry News

I am so proud to have Joanne Olivieri as our featured poet in this issue. Joanne has two published chapbooks. Her first book, "Red Lanterns" was on Shadow Poetry's best-selling list for many months. This book was inspired by a trip to Hong Kong. "Serenity," a compilation of beautiful and serene poetry, has also had great success. I know that you will enjoy the spectacular images and the sense of peace you will feel when you read Joanne's work. Please read all about Joanne on her featured page. Also, visit her websites at:

Ya'Sou! Online E-zine

This issue of Blue Turtle Crossing is the biggest yet. The number of poets has nearly doubled, and the quality of these poets' work is so impressive. I am so excited by this, and hope this trend continues! I had to turn away several poets in the past few weeks in order to finalize this issue. The good news is that the next issue promises to be just as diverse and packed with fantastic poets' work. I am so happy to shine the spotlight on new and emerging poets. It's my way of giving back to the poetic community, so many thanks! Keep those submissions coming, poets.

I am extremely pleased to have the following poets spotlighted, in addition to our featured poet Joanne Olivieri: Geri Ahearn, Bernice Angoh, Douglas Archambault, Genny Borleis, Lillian Brummet, Jim Cole, Linda Cole, Maryann Corrigan, Anna Donovan, Ron Howard, Lynn C. Johnston, Cindy Jost, Danielle Pierre, Colleen C. Smith, Hilda Soares, and Tammy Whisman. I have come to know many of these fine writers through my networking on myspace and the NING networks. All are extremely gifted poets who have either been published on-line, in print, or both. I hope you will take time to read their outstanding work, and to visit their various sites online to learn more about them. They are simply fascinating people! Many thanks to all of them for their wonderful contributions!

I am still working on finalizing my first poetry book. Many of you know that I am planning to dedicate it to my beloved father, Philip Thomas Keller, who passed away in February 2003. It will be entitled "Shadows of My Father" and will feature his Air Force photograph on the cover of the book. I had hoped to have it completed in 2007, but other projects and commitments prevented me from reaching this goal. It is my goal to have it published by the end of 2008!

Some more of my poems and photographs have made it to print publication in SP Quill Magazine. "Silk Tapestry" was published in the Summer 2007 edition. "On Freedom's Shore" and three etheree poems, "Ocracoke Ferry","Wind Into Sun" and "The Guitarist" were featured in the Fall 2007 edition. "Searching For Truth" was published in the Winter 2008 issue.

You can purchase by clicking on the link below:

SP Quill Magazine

The third issue of Phosphorescence Magazine did another three page spread with eleven of my photographs, including "Pink Palm Skies," "Red Male Cardinal," "Indian Summer Day," and "Jumping." My poems "Moon Child," "Jigsaw," "Sonnet For A Mother's Anxiety," and "Meeting Jordan" were featured in the 3rd issue, which was released in October 2007. You can order a copy of this fabulous glossy art magazine at this link:

Phosphorescence Magazine, Issue 3

I am a member of Shadow Poetry, and have my own webpage on their site. Be sure to visit, and read some of the poems that I have posted there, along with my photography. Shadow Poetry produces high quality chapbooks and two magazines, The SP Quill and White Lotus Haiku Book. I have quite a few in my collection, including two spectacular ones by Joanne Olivieri, which are listed this website.

I am pleased to announce that my poem "Silk Tapestry," which was published in the SP Quill last year, took First Place in the quarterly SP Quill Top Ten. In this contest, subscribers vote on their top ten favorite poems published in that issue. The top ten poems are listed, and the winning poem is reprinted in the subsequent issue. Imagine my surprise, leafing through the magazine and discovering my poem was the winning poem!

Shadow Poetry - Colleen M. Breuning

Click below to visit Joanne Olivieri's Ya'Sou e-zine website, where she has made me a resident poet and photographer. She has featured three of my poems: "Daylight" "Drowning"and "On Freedom's Shore"

Ya'Sou! Online

My on-line poetry group is still working on our group poetry book. Though it has been a slow process because the five of us are busy multi-taskers, we are hoping that 2008 is the year we finally have our collaborative book published. Will keep you posted on this.

Publicity News

Lillian Brummet, who appears a second time in Blue Turtle this issue, hosts with her husband Dave a Blog Talk Radio show on the internet, entitled "Conscious Discussions." They hold discussions on issues such as the environment, recycling, and also conduct interviews with authors. I had the pleasure of being interviewed live on her show last month, January 22, 2008. The topic was "The Healing Power of Poetry." We discussed how poetry can be used to bring about understanding, healing and bridge the gap of time. We also got a chance to discuss how Blue Turtle Crossing came to be, my poetry and photography. I also had the pleasure of reading 3 of my poems live: "Silk Tapestry," "Shadows of My Father" and "Raindrops." We both received some very positive feed back about the show. Many thanks to my friend Lillian for giving me this awesome opportunity! And don't worry, if you missed it live, just click below to access the archived show:

To check out other Conscious Discussions shows, click below:

Blog Talk Radio

Photography News

I am currently taking an Adobe Photoshop class to enhance my photography editing skills, which are sorely lacking, I hate to admit. The program is so powerful, and I want to increase my knowledge in this area. I have begun to create Picture Poems, which is a very popular pasttime within the myspace poetic community. Before long, I hope to be creating some more for Blue Turtle and other e-zines. It is so much fun!

I also have a featured photography on the Ya'Sou website and on Pink Mouse Pub:

My Photography on Ya'Sou!

My Photography at Pink Mouse Pub

The editor of Shadow Poetry is also interested in making some of my photography work available for their authors to choose as a cover design for their chapbooks. Nothing is set in stone just yet. If you are an author and are interested in using any of my photos for your books, please contact me.

Web Design & Continuing Ed News

In 2006 and 2007, I completed two courses on HTML Code and Web Design in the past year. I designed this website using external style sheets. This site has also been upgraded and is now a banner-free website. However, if you are still seeing banners or pop-ups when viewing this website, you will need to clear out the cache and the cookies on your computer by going into Control panel, internet options. I hope this works for you, as those pop-ups and banners really are annoying! I think this makes the website more effective and professional.

When viewing Blue Turtle Crossing, please be sure to maximize the screen within your browser, for best viewing and reading. Otherwise, the columns may run appear cramped and poetry lines will truncate.

The next class I plan to take is the Dreamweaver Web Design program. I just got the program, and would like to utilize this program for the June issue. It has been very beneficial for me to learn the html coding, but the bigger the site becomes, the more work involved. Building the custom pages for every one of the poets' pages in this issue took many, many hours of coding and refining. Since Blue Turtle has expanded dramatically, my next step is to simplify the coding, spend more time on creativity, and enhance the site's appearance.

Speaking of Web Design, my son Vincent Breuning has launched his own website to promote his services for website or graphic design. He is a senior at Florida State University and is scheduled to graduate this summer. Check out his site at:

Please note that the e-mail address for this website has changed. All website-related inquiries should be sent to this address from this point on:

Do not send any attachments unless I have given approval for you to do so.
They will NOT be opened!

Want to post your own poetry news or announcement? E-mail me at:

Last News Update: February 1, 2008

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