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Blue Turtle Crossing

A Poetry and Photography Showcase - Summer Edition, June 2008, Volume 7

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Poetry by Divine

I Am Loved

Locked away in the darkest corner of my soul
As pain slowly engulf me in whole
Very slowly… very painfully…

The sun sets pastel colors of peach,
Pink and amber glow
Yet only darkness in my heart grow…

Death is whispering… calling my name
But I dare to resist its calling
I do not want to stop believing…

That there still remains
Even a tiny flicker of light
To lead me.. to guide me…

Between the light and dark I trod
To find the way leading to God
Peace washed over me when I saw the light from above …

An indescribable feeling washes over me
As heaven's door opened from above
Showing God's infinite love…

I know my tides of time crash against my rocks
And I will be gone soon… very soon
But I want to walk through heaven's gates without trepidation…

I must know, before I go
The real reason of my existence
I look heavenward and make a plea…

The day of my calling is finally here
Yet the promise of a new life was implanted in me
I feel so safe... so calm… so free…

I know now… I was blessed the day that I was born
To be able to touch, in my own simple way,
The souls that I meet along my life's way…

Now… I am leaving without any tear in my eyes
Because I know… deep inside this heart of mine
I am loved…I'm so much loved…

Divine © 2008

I Fear

I fear to speak…
To utter words dwelling in my mind
I am afraid no one would dare listen.

My tongue is tied
My strength is killed
I cannot let my words reveal
What is inside me… that is killing me.

I fear to think…
That there will be a brand new day
To meet me after this darkness.

My heart and soul
Was long engulfed by darkness
So long time ago…
And I know there is no bright day left… for me.

I fear to love…
I know there will be no one
To love me like how I gave my heart away.

I fear fear itself…
It is like a vortex of endless doubts
And confusions engulfing my whole being.

Fear is gnawing my hopes
With dimmed eyes I tremble
In the depth of my soul
I knew there is no escape for fear.

I have spun the last thread of my life…
Living only with fear haunting
Keeping me from moving on.

I know I will never win this battle
To win over my fear…
For I am only fighting myself
I am only fighting my own shadow…

Divine © 2008

My Battle...

I wonder... have I learned something from my life?
I existed quite long enough but have I earned
Something good for myself?
My days swiftly passed me by
And i’m afraid,
Only few more was left for me to live by.

I am afraid to breathe my very last breath
Only to fall in vain.
I am afraid to walk my way to eternal path
Knowing I wasn’t able to share hope...
To share blessings... to share love.

I cry out in vain...
My smiles is my protecting shell
Hiding all my fear
My tears cannot speak out the words
Hiding from my soul...
Hiding from my heart.

It will only expose the weakness
Lurking from within me.
I am afraid to see darkness
Slowly casting over me
Before I could gather my thoughts...
Before I could gather my words...

As I step in this very steep stairway
I do not know what will come my way
Will it be pain? Will it be death?
Or will I ever reach the end of it?
If I do, what lies ahead waiting for me?

This path that I chose to tread
Is a path without turning back
So with clenched hands
I must remain steadfast I must walk on and face my worst enemy
I should… I must…
I must win over myself … over my fear…

Divine © 2008


About the Author

Divine is a 19 year old college student who lives in the Phillipines. She is a gifted and prolific poet, an accomplished artist, and a photographer. She has many friends in the myspace poetic community. She recently revealed she is very ill and battling bone cancer. Her friends have rallied around her to offer their love, prayers and support. God bless you, Divine .... our thoughts and prayers are with you .... YOU ARE LOVED!

You can visit Divine's myspace page at:

Divine's Myspace

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I Will Never Be Forgotten

Let Love

Prisoner of Amour


The True Hero

Look at the stream
Of pure love
Flowing from within
The heart…

A love so clean
So true…
So pure…
So sacred…

Who else can bear
The pain of sacrificing
The physical torture
Brought about
By giving breath
To another life?

At the very first
Look upon the fruit
Of all the suffering…
The unconditional
Love automatically
Blooms once watered
By the tears of joy.

Listen to the whispers
Of the greatness
Of promises
Of eternal love
For the piece
That completed
The whole being…

The heroic human being
Simply called… MOTHER

Divine © 2008

Light and Darkness

Rushing up to the clouds
Taking away light
Wrapping darkness
Slowly... very slowly

Frightened heart
Frantically beating
Wanting to resist
The darkness
Casting over
The whole being

The weakening strength
Can no longer
Withstand the fear
Gnawing... eating
The remaining hope
The remaining willingness
To fight back...
To win...
To survive.

In the darkness...
In the cold...
Will be left alone
All alone...
To submit to
To submit to

Once darkness
Succeeded prevailing
Over the remaining
Light within the soul...

Divine © 2008


Silence has become my greatest enemy
For so many sleepless nights
It's deafening sound haunted my soul.
It's phantom of fear
Casted it's darkness over me.

Through the pain that I was trying to endure
I realized, silence is the only thing
That is willing to be with me
To share my woes
To listen to my frantic cries.

So I breathed deep
Ready to accept…
Willing to submit…
Readying myself
To death's appointed hour
To call for my name.

I know until my final breath
My words will only fall
To the abyss of silence
Because I will leave…
I will die all alone…

Let the shadows of darkness
Hide all the tears that I shed
And all the crimson blood
Oozing within my deep
Wounded, tormented heart.

Silence… Heed my call
I am willing to take it's toll
Give me peace I so long miss
Fill my body with numbness
And bring my soul to it's final rest…

Divine © 2008

How It Is To Breathe Again...

I gave you my fragile heart
To keep it safe...
To keep it warm...

But you coated it
With all your lies
Left it broken...
So cold...
All alone that cries.

And now, T'is a broken heart
That cannot be mend
That cannot be healed.

It's time to break free
From this hardened cage
Where it's been a prisoner

Give this heart
A brand new life
A brand new love

To let it feel
The sweetness
Of how it is to breathe again...

Divine © 2008

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