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Blue Turtle Crossing

A Poetry and Photography Showcase - Fall Edition, September 2007, Volume 5

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Blue Turtle News - From Colleen Breuning, Editor

3 Gulls in Sepia

"Three Gulls In Sepia"
Photograph by Colleen M. Breuning, All Rights Reserved © 2007


Poetry News

I am so proud to have Nadia Brown as our featured poet in this issue. Nadia has an award-winning book, "Unscrambled Eggs." Her poems are thought-provoking and conjure up spectacular images. I truly enjoy and admire her beautiful, poetic voice. I have no doubt that you will also cherish her profound poetry. Be sure to visit her websites at:

This issue of Blue Turtle Crossing is the biggest ever, and I hope this trend continues! The next issue promises to be even bigger and better, so keep those submissions coming, poets.

I am extremely pleased to have the following poets spotlighted, in addition to our featured poet Nadia Brown: Genny Borleis, Lillian Brummet, Ron Howard, Joanne Oliveri, Danielle Pierre, Angela Posey Arnold, Hilda Soares, and Tammy Whisman. All are gifted poets who have either been published on-line, in print, or both. Many thanks to all of them for their wonderful contributions!

My work continues on the poetry book dedicated to my beloved father, Philip Thomas Keller, who passed away in February 2003. I have decided to proceed with a full-fledged book instead of a chapbook, so there are more poems (and a short story or two) for me to develop. The book will be entitled, "Shadows of My Father" and will feature his Air Force photograph on the cover of the book, which I have published on my page this issue. I had hoped that the book would be finalized by this fall, but a busy summer had me working on a 73 page book in honor of my mother's 70th birthday. What a fun project that was - 900 photos of the Keller family. Happy Birthday, Mom!

I am a member of Shadow Poetry, and have my own webpage on their site. Shadow Poetry produces high quality chapbooks and two magazines, The SP Quill and White Lotus Haiku Book. I have quite a few in my collection, including two spectacular ones by Joanne Olivieri, which are listed on page on this website.

I am pleased to announce that I won the May 2007 Shadow Poetry Wordmaster's Triple Challenge with my poem, "On Freedom's Shore." This poem has been included on my page for this issue. Check out my Shadow Poetry webpage and while you're there, check out their many features and other poets:

Shadow Poetry - Colleen M. Breuning

Check out Joanne Olivieri's Ya'Sou e-zine website, where my poems "Sad Sonata" and "Carry Me" are featured:

Ya'Sou! Online

My on-line poetry group is still working on our group poetry book. We have critiqued, voted on and completed 5 chapters so far: Changes, Love, Nature, Loss, and Spirituality. We are currently working on the 6th chapter and may expand it to a bound book instead of a chapbook. We hope to complete it soon and start shopping publishers. I'll keep you updated this.

Please note that the e-mail address for this website has changed. All website-related inquiries should be sent to this address from this point on:

Do not send any attachments unless I have given approval for you to do so.
They will NOT be opened!

Publicity & Publication News

One of my guest poets in this issue, Lillian Brummet, along with her husband Dave, hosts a Blog Talk Radio show on the internet, entitled "Conscious Discussions." They hold discussions on issues such as the environment, recycling, and also conduct interviews with authors. Nadia Brown, Featured Poet will be interviewed on Tuesday, September 25 on live internet radio. On Tuesday, January 22, 2008 I will be interviewed. You can listen live, or check out the shows in their archives by visiting their site:

Conscious Discussions Blog Talk Radio

I am proud to announce that a few of my poems and photographs have made it to print publication. "Silk Tapestry" was published in the Summer 2007 edition of SP Quill Magazine. You can subscribe by clicking on the link below:

SP Quill Subscription

The second issue of Phosphorescence Magazine did a three page spread with eleven of my photographs, including "Glory of God," "Three Gulls in Sepia," "Key West Sunset," and "Sea of Yellow Tulips." My poems "The Keeper of the Hatteras Light," "On Freedom's Shore" and "Fireworks" were featured in this issue. This issue was released in July 2007. You can order a copy of this fabulous glossy art magazine at this link:

Phosphorescence Magazine

Photography News

I also have a featured photography slideshow on the Ya'Sou website homepage featuring some of my photography work.

Click here for Photography by Colleen

Among them are my photos "Land of the Free," "Purple Sunrise," "Cape Hatteras Lighthouse," and "Raindrops on Azaleas." Hope you enjoy them!

The editor of Shadow Poetry is also interested in making some of my photography work available for their authors to choose as a cover design for their chapbooks. Nothing is set in stone just yet. If you are an author and are interested in using any of my photos for your books, please contact me.

Web Design News

You may know that I completed two courses on HTML Code and Web Design in the past year. I designed this website using CSS (Stylesheets). I also upgraded to a banner-free website. If you are still seeing banners or pop-ups when viewing this website, you will need to clear out the cache and the cookies on your computer by going into Control panel, internet options. I hope this works for you, as those pop-ups and banners really are annoying! I think this makes the website more effective and professional.

For the February 2008 issue, I am going to try out the Dreamweaver Web Design program. It is great to learn the html coding, but the bigger a site becomes, the more work involved. Since Blue Turtle is expanding, I would like to save some time on coding so I can include more poets' work.

Speaking of Web Design, my son Vincent Breuning has launched his own website to promote his services for website or graphic design. He is a senior at Florida State University and is scheduled to graduate Spring 2008. Check out his site at:

Want to post your own poetry news or announcement? E-mail me at:

Last News Update: September 1, 2007

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